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A special coffee

Our single origin

Social and environmental sustainability in our coffee.
Discover our work on the short supply chain and the premium quality of Single Origin.


A fine, superior quality coffee that tells a story of social evolution.


A coffee produced by several generations that brings us to the heart of a Brazilian Fazenda


Excellent coffee with an intense aroma that supports small local farmers.


A special coffee, decisive on the palate and grown in a unique territory:
the cradle of Coffea Arabica.

Let's talk about sustainability

University and Business Committee of the Biomedical Campus of Rome
Recently Danesi Caffè S.p.A. became part of the Executive Committee of University-Enterprise – (Food and Human Nutrition Science of Biomedical...
Distant, but close
Interpersonal relationships have always been characterized and consolidated by encounters between people. Shaking hands, looking at each other, an affectionate...
Coffee is (also) a question of genes
What makes coffee so loved all over the world? It’s not easy to provide an answer, certainly not just one:...

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