The pursuit of quality

The pursuit of quality

A continuous and constant search for quality is what distinguishes us. At our factory we carry out visual, quantitative, organoleptic-sensorial, documentary, instrumental and microbiological controls, while our Internal Audit group provides for the periodic verification of the correct
application of control procedures.

Qualitative goals

Our goals in order to guarantee the best quality coffee

  • Effectively control of the risk factors of production processes
  • Ensure products that comply with the legislative requirements for food safety
  • Demonstrate our ability to provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Increase customer satisfaction according to the logic of continuous improvement
  • Effectively communicate food safety issues to suppliers and customers
  • Define significant environmental aspects, control their impact and constantly monitor their performance

Discover our certifications

Quality certification


Obtained for the first time in 1999, it attests our first recognition for the development and production of ground and roasted coffee beans.

Environmental certification

UNI EN ISO 14001

Always attentive to the environment, in 2012 we integrated our Management System with sustainable certification for the development, production, packaging and distribution of roasted ground and bean coffee.

IFS and BRC Standard
Food Safety Certification

Standard IFS e BRC

Obtained in 2014, it certifies our commitment to the continuous improvement of the company organization according to the standards: IFS – International Food Standard (Higher Level) and the BRC – British Retail Consortium (Grade AA)


Q Grading

Ilaria Danesi is the green beans’ purchasing and quality manager in Danesi. She achieved the professional license of Q Arabica Grader in 2013. The Q Grading is a globally recognized certification for green coffee quality evaluation and verification. Ilaria, one of the approx. 70 experts in Italy and over 9,000 worldwide, provides assurance of being able to carefully examine and evaluate the quality of coffee through the protocols established by SCA, the Specialty Coffee Association.

In December 2023, Ilaria achieved also the Q Robusta Grader certification, extending her expertise in carefully examining and evaluating the physical and sensory qualities of high-end Robusta coffees

Q robusta