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Much more than a coffee

A fine coffee with a particular taste, which reflects a special territory, its unique nature, the numerous communities that inhabit it, but above all tells the stories and passion of the many women who cultivate it.

A unique territory

Rwanda: one of the main producing countries of specialty coffees

On the fertile western hills, where the settlers planted the first trees, the best coffee in Rwanda grows between 1800 and 2000 meters. The volcanic soil, the high altitudes, a cool climate and the non excessive rainfall play a fundamental role in the growth of the highest quality grains. A prized Bourbon variety, Arabica represents 95% of the trees grown in the country.

A pink coffee

Valuing and respecting the role of women: Danesi supports the IWCA

A coffee that tells the story of many women who carry out their business every day with passion and sacrifice. This is why Danesi supports the Rwandan cooperative Cocagi, part of the International Women Coffee Association (IWCA), whose goal
is to recognize and strengthen the role of women in the international coffee supply chain.

The Cocagi cooperative

Social and environmental respect in a coffee

Danesi has chosen to believe in the small Cocagi cooperative for its great ethical value: it is attentive to the socio-economic well-being of its members and the environment but, above all, to the decision-making and responsibility roles it attributes to women.
Of the 1075 members, 792 are women.

A few of the 792 women of the Cocagi cooperative

The single origin

A pictogram in honor of the territory

The conformation of the territory, mainly mountainous,
volcanic and hilly, and the peculiarities of Rwanda have
inspired the graphic design of the single origin in can format.
The result is a pictogram that pays homage to this land
and its uniqueness.

The specialty coffee from Rwanda proposed in

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