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A special coffee by four generations

A special coffee with an intense aroma, which recounts a particular territory, the story of a family that has been cultivating it for four generations and attention to the environment and the people involved in its processing.

A special territory

Brazil: a country in which coffee listens to classical music

In Tres Pontas, in the Sul de Minas region, at an altitude ranging from 950 to 1180 meters above sea level, grows one of the best coffees in Brazil. Among the many varieties grown in these territories we have selected the Yellow Bourbon cherries which are among the best known and appreciated in the world. Their secret? Resting on classical music notes.

How is a special coffee born? From harvest to resting with music

The cherries are harvested by hand once ideal ripeness has been reached.

The cherries are processed and dried on suspended nets until they reach an optimal level of humidity.

Before being ready, the cherries rest in a warehouse to the rhythm of classical music.

From coffee to coffee

Four generations of quality

For more than a century, a family of producers from Sul de Minas have been cultivating coffee with passion. The special ingredients of their raw materials are the sensitivity of the people and the bond they have with the territory, handed down for four generations.
Their “recipe” is completed by love and patience in searching for the best quality.

Fazenda Caxambù

A short and sustainable supply chain

We have chosen to rely on the Fazenda Caxambù, purchasing raw materials directly from them because we believe in the passion of those who cultivate these lands. We support producers who respect the environment, communicating directly with those who have adopted sustainable cultivation techniques and making the quality of excellent coffee known in international markets. This has allowed us to initiate a virtuous circle that enhances the communities involved in the supply chain and protects the environment.

The single origin

Tropical style design

The vast areas occupied by the Amazon rainforest, the lush vegetation and the wide variety of plants have inspired the design of the Single Origin Brazil.

The specialty coffee from Brazil proposed in

If you want to know more about our sustainability

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