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Coffee with a unique value

A premium coffee with a sweet flavor that was born in the cradle of Coffea Arabica, the result of the dedication
of small farmers.

The cradle of Coffea Arabica

One of the best coffees originates from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is renowned for being the cradle of the Coffea Arabica plant, the most prized coffee species in the world. Here, the climatic and environmental component plays a fundamental role in the expression of the coffee flavor. From an eco-physiological point of view, these characteristics determine the production of ripe fruits with greater density and, therefore, with a more intense flavor and aroma.

The secrets of perfect Arabica

The coffee is grown at very high altitudes, even above 2000 m.

Daytime temperature is never too excessive, the maximum is 23°C.

The temperature range between day and night is constant, around 12°C.

Alternative methods

Ayla's washing station

The Ethiopian highlands of the Sidamo region, in the Bombe district, are among the most favorable areas for growing the quality coffee we select. Once ripe, the coffee cherries are brought by the small producers of the village of Shanta Wene and its surroundings to the Ayla washing station, where they are processed according to improved wet processing techniques, to give the coffee all the sweetness and complexity of its flavor. The drying of the cherries takes place in the shade, on parasol nets.

The single origin

A symbolic pictogram of Ethiopia

The predominantly horizontal structure of the Acacia trees and their vast presence in the territories where Ethiopian coffee grows inspired the design of the single-origin Ethiopia.

The specialty coffee from Ethiopia proposed in

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