Quality coffee since 1905

A special coffee

Danesi is tradition, Danesi is family.
For four generations we have been promoting the quality and culture of Italian Espresso around the world.

1905, the first generation

Alfredo Danesi. From trade to coffee emporium

At the age of 25, Alfredo Danesi decides to open a coffee emporium with his friend Nencini in the center of Rome, in Via Tomacelli. For 7 years he had been involved in the spice and coffee trade.

Alfredo, a profound connoisseur and conservator of secret blends, begins spreading the culture of Italian espresso in the capital and throughout Italy.

It is 1905 and the capital’s emporium becomes a reference point for its citizens.

1933, the second generation

Giovanni Danesi, coffee popularizer

With the death of Alfredo Danesi in 1933, his son Giovanni, known as Nino, carries on his father’s activity as a taster and popularizer of Espresso coffee.

Giovanni promotes the growth of the company and develops a sales network of Danesi brand products in public establishments (Ho.Re.Ca.).

Thanks to his work, Danesi opens the first real roasting plant in Circonvallazione Clodia. In the 1960s, the roasting plant is moved to its current location in the Magliana area.

1960s, the third generation

Export commences with Roberto and Alfredo Danesi

With the relocation of the roasting plant to the Magliana area, Roberto and Alfredo Danesi join their father Giovanni in the management of the company, offering a more modern and industrial twist to the company management.

Towards the first half of the 1970s, Roberto and Alfredo begin exporting the coffee abroad, which will bring the brand to over 60 countries around the world.

In 1973, under Roberto’s pressure, the first foreign Danesi office opens in Atlanta, followed by offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

The 2000s,
the fourth generation

Giorgia, Giordana and Ilaria. A female management

Since the 2000s, Giorgia, Giordana and Ilaria Danesi, Roberto’s three daughters, carry on the family business alongside their father, providing new impulses consistent with current trends and the challenges of the future.

Danesi management

Danesi President and father of Ilaria, Giorgia and Giordana, he leads and manages the family business.

The first to enter to the company. She handles all distribution activities related to export.

The family lawyer. He handles all the legal matters relating to the company.

She manage the purchase of raw materials, raw coffee and everything else related to company products.

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