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Our values

Timeless aroma

For over a hundred years and four generations, we have been carrying out the culture of Italian espresso coffee around the world thanks to the care, research and passion that our founder Alfredo Danesi passed on to us.

We innovate our production technologies and at the same time remain anchored to the high tradition of espresso coffee as the excellence of our Made in Italy.

Sustainable taste

We care about people. In some origins we have chosen to work on the short supply chain by purchasing coffee from small farmers and opening a direct dialogue with them to promote
the economic and social development of local communities.

We protect the environment at 360 °. From production, to transport, to packaging, we are committed to respecting it through the adoption of low-impact methods and systems.

Authentic quality

We enjoy things that are good and well done. The taste and aroma of our coffee reflects the daily care in the search for an authentic product, beginning with the selection of the best raw materials.

We optimize coffee production and manufacturing processes
to guarantee only 100% quality blends and excellent coffee
in the cup.

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