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Roberto Danesi is Knight of Labour

November 28, 2023

Roberto Danesi is a Knight of Labour of the Italian Republic
International Coffee Day

November 27, 2023

International Coffee Day: a ritual aiming to become a UNESCO heritage site
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November 27, 2023

Enel X and Danesi: an alliance that speaks about sustainability

February 16, 2022

University and Business Committee of the Biomedical Campus of Rome

July 2, 2021

National Cluster Agrifood - CL.A.N.

July 1, 2021

Distant, but close


UNESCO recognition of traditional Italian espresso

The Consortium for the Protection of Traditional Italian Espresso Coffee, born from the initiative of some companies and entities in the sector, has as its primary objective the UNESCO recognition of traditional Italian espresso as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. At the moment in Italy the work of the puppets, the tenor singing, the art of the violin in Cremona, the shoulder machines, the Mediterranean diet, the art of Neapolitan pizza makers, falconry and the agricultural practice of sapling vine of Pantelleria.

Danesi Caffè, one of the first member companies of the Consortium, actively supports the UNESCO candidacy: we too believe that traditional Italian espresso is a precious heritage of our culture to be protected, promoted and enhanced like many other Italian agri-food products. The term “Espresso” indicates the coffee consumed quickly in bars and cafes, prepared expressly for the customer with a particular extraction method, using a special machine that allows you to obtain a drink served in a very concentrated, creamy cup, with a taste and with an intense aroma.

This preparation method, called espresso, is known today all over the world as a symbol of Italian coffee, as well as an expression of an entire population and its culture. The Consortium for the protection of traditional Italian espresso coffee, the Italian Coffee Committee and the INEI have also defined the “Disciplinary of traditional Italian espresso” which generically dictates the good rules for obtaining the highest quality of a traditional Italian espresso, prepared in bars or cafes, and which will integrate the Dossier to the Unesco Italian Commission for the candidacy for intangible heritage of humanity.

Giorgio Caballini of Sassoferrato, President of the Consortium for the protection of traditional Italian espresso coffee, is keen to specify that: “It was a constructive work that saw important realities of the coffee world engaged together for the first time to achieve a shared goal in order to to offer quality and tradition to the vast majority of Italian citizens who consider traditional Italian espresso coffee an integral part of their national heritage and identity. An example for the whole country system in defense of our cultural identity and economic fabric. I thank all those who have contributed to its realization ”.

Danesi Caffè, a member of the Consortium since its establishment in 2014, has passionately participated in the achievement of this further important objective aimed above all at safeguarding the art and tradition of a historic product such as espresso coffee, an excellence of Made in The document is available on the website of the Consortium for the protection of traditional Italian espresso coffee at this link.